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New App Icon for Tinderbox at Big Sur

With the arrival of the last update of macOS I come along with the trend of rounded icons. When the tinderbox team is going to update the design of the current icon (it is very glaring next to other icons).


Here are some examples of new icons like devonthink, Scrivener or Scapple.

Has anyone made a similar icon for Tinderbox? And by the team is this developing me?

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A new version is in the making, no firm release date, but that is the earliest it seems likely there may be a change.

I’m rather hoping not though as I had the new iOS style. Fine for those with pin-sharp vision but the washed-out colours and rounded corners make everything look the same. Not good once you need reading glasses. The DEVONthink one (shown above) show how anodyne icons have become. I value finding the right app over enforced style similarity, but doubtless that’s a minority view.


App uniformity looks nice and tidy but does not actually help you find the darn thing.