New Set of Eastage Tutorials?

(john weiland) #1

I’ve read somewhere a while ago that theres a new Tut. Screencast in the works. Any timeline as to when that would surface?

(Paul Walters) #2

Could you share where?

(john weiland) #3

I cannot find the thread; I could be wrong, I’m not sure.

(Nick Gordon) #4

Was it this one?

(Paul Walters) #5

Those of course are user-contributed videos – perhaps PM the person who contributed them to see if there will be others?

(john weiland) #6

Scavenger like me :). It isn’t this one however, I did read the comments and I am now waiting for a new pilot from Richard as well…On the list, ty.

(john weiland) #7


I am certain I’ve read un update on vol. 3 being in the works unless I happened to read vol.1 thread when they were mentioning vol.2; that would be a possibility that would have a “case”. I will dig deeper as soon as Ill have a minute and will update.

PS: could be TBX frying my thoughts. It’s been a grueling three months since I’ve started to tackle this amazing tool but it’s been really tough…hey, I might have dreamdt of a vol. 3 :)))))))