Note-to-note links for Adornments

(Desalegn) #1

I was trying to achieve some mind mapping like effect using the Adornments: and different types of links.

The Title notes keep on moving around as I add more notes into the adornment. It would have been nice if the adornment itself can directly be linked with other notes.

Or, anything I am missing?

(eastgate) #2

Are these smart adornments? Do you have rules that move notes? Is this map inside an agent?

Other than those situations – where you have told Tinderbox to move things – Tinderbox never moves your notes.

(Desalegn) #3

Of course TB doesn’t move my notes from other places.

You see the ponents note in the snapshot, for example. That is not an actual note: I am using it as the title of the Adornment because I want the visual link [branch] from the marked by /a/ note to branch to the Adornment containing it. When I add more notes into the adornment, the ponent note moves around leaving places.

I was then wondering why cannot I directly link the Adornments like any other note. I don’t need the ponent Title note in that case. I would use the Title of the Adornment instead.

These are not smart adornments, by the way. There is no agent either.

(eastgate) #4

What is causing the note named ponents to change position?

(Desalegn) #5

The ponent note moves when I am expanding the adornment to add more notes.

And, what are these arrows which sometimes block me when I am trying to expand the adornment?

(eastgate) #6

The arrows appear to be link anchor pads, which allow you to drag links to a specific edge of the source or destination note. Notice how you’re click is very close to both a resize box of an adornment and to the link; Tinderbox thinks you want to drag the link.

I don’t know why expanding the adornment would move a note on that adornment, unless – and I expect this is your problem – the adornment is sticky. When the adornment is selected, you’ll see a pushpin icon near its upper right corner. It’s normally gray, meaning the adornment is not sticky. If it’s clicked, the adornment becomes sticky and moving it, or changing its size, moves notes atop the adornment as if the adornment were sticky.

(Desalegn) #7

Wonderful. I didn’t know this feature. I was going all the way around the get info rout to change the entry or exit positions.