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Notes overlap in chart mode

(forsil) #1

I’m a tinderbox newer. I have many notes in my documents, and the following is my first look in chart mode. Anything is ok.

But when I open the note “阅读”, the notes overlap.

(forsil) #2

When I close the note “阅读”, it shows good.

(Mark Anderson) #3

I can’t replicate this ( did include trying notes with non-Roman characters as are depicted above). Does the overlap occur when you first open the document, or after a specific event, e.g. changing tab or view type? Does it occur only in this document, or in all your documents?

I would suggest sending the document to Tinderbox support (info@eastgate.com) with notes as to how to recreate the effect illustrated.

(eastgate) #4

We’re aware that the chart layout algorithm sometimes gets confused in this way. Diagnostic cases are very welcome

(forsil) #5

Sorry for the late response. I have sent the case to bernstein@eastgate.com