Problem with backreferences

(Jawn Lam) #1

I’ve been trying to find the right message board to post this question and this seems the closest to the problem I’m assuming I’m having.

This code:

if($Text.contains(“Latitude: (-?[0-9]{1,3}.[0-9])\n")) {$Latitude=$1} else {};
if($Text.contains("Longitude: (-?[0-9]{1,3}.[0-9]
)\n”)) {$Longitude=$1} else {};

is populating both the $Latitude and $Longitude with the same values.

Is this something to do with the the results from the first condition “bleeding” over into the second and therefore I need some sort of delay so that the computer can “catch up” or something else?

Thanks for any help.

Any simple way of delaying an action?
(James Fallows) #2

I’m not capable of answering the “bleeding over” question, though I’ll be interested in what the actual experts say.

A question I do have from this code involves the else {} part. Are you leaving the part inside the brackets blank on purpose, just as a FOO-style placeholder to suggest else {some other action} ?

Or is it meant to be empty in the actual code? If the latter, then a follow-up question: what does the program do, if it has an in-brackets command, like else{}, where the part within the brackets is blank? Question out of genuine curiosity.

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I think I see the problem here. As above both $Latitude and $Longitude get the Latitude value. If you reverse the oder of the two if() statements, both attributes get the Longitude value. IOW, back-references ($1, $2, etc.) aren’t reset after the first if() clause.

I think this is design oversight that arises because originally, back-references were available in agent queries and used by agent actions. An agent only has one query. Subsequently, back-references were made accessible from the conditional test (which is a form of query) in if() statements. What appears to have been overlooked is allowing for multiple queries within a single rule/edict/etc. and thus the need to flush the back references after the expression is evaluated i.e. the code in the {} sections of the if(){}else{} code.

Side-note: I assume the empty else {} code branches are a misunderstanding. They aren’t needed (at least as shown) but do no harm if included.

(eastgate) #5

If the second statement’s action were


I believe all would be well.

(Mark Anderson) #6

$2 returns zero, using the same test file as previously.

(eastgate) #7

This worked for me. Happy to take a look at a test file.

(Mark Anderson) #8

My test TBX emailed.

(Mark Anderson) #9

(after further discussion off-list with Eastgate)

For now, set your second if*() clause action to use $3 instead of $1. If you had a third such if() clause you’d use $5 instead of $1, etc. As Tinderbox can give references $0-$9, you could thus accommodate 5 such clauses, assuming each only created one back-reference.

I’m not sure if this is the intended behaviour but works for now (v7.3.1).

(eastgate) #10

To explain a little more:

The first .contains stores the entire matching expression in $0, and the matched back reference in $1, as usual.

The second .contains then stores it’s full matching expression in the next slot, $2, and its back reference in $3.

This scheme is not intuitive, to be sure. It does, however, support multiple pattern matches in an expression:

 if($Name.contains(..something..) | $Text.contains(..something else..))

We’re exploring alternatives. As a general hint, though, I find that when rules or actions become elaborate, that’s often a sign that they want to become several rules, or perhaps several agents.

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@mwra Thanks for moving this over to a new topic, Mark. I’m slowly learning how this forum thing works now. I’ll do my best to abide by the established norms and customs.

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@eastgate & @mwra, thanks for your help guys. It works! Cheers.