Setting the prototype in the outline (or any non-map) view

(Keith Lancaster) #1

I find it easier at times to create new notes in the outline view, but I can’t seem to see a way to set the prototype for the new note. Is there a way to do this in non-map views?

(Mark Anderson) #2

Via the Outline viewUI? Yes!

(Keith Lancaster) #3

Totally missed that! Thanks!

(Mark Anderson) #4

FWIW, the outline right-click method also works in Chart view (but not others such as timeline, etc. - I just checked).

(James Fallows) #5

And since, as Mark Anderson knows in more detail than anyone else, there are always lots of ways to get things done in Tinderbox, you could also consider, in Outline view:

  • Using a Quickstamp, if you have several items you’d like to change in the same way;
  • Setting an OnAdd action for the parent container, so that every item entered in that container takes on a certain prototype (or has other settings).

You probably know both of these, but mentioning just in case.