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I’m not clear on the protocol for mentioning other products here, so please delete this if it’s not appropriate.

If (like me) you’re an old-time Ecco hand, you might want to look at Sheetplanner ( It’s in beta at present and it’s no alternative to TB in terms of managing and organising notes (not even close). But it does use the Ecco model of an outline with columns and has great flexibility. I’m using it as an adjunct to TB and instead of OmniOutliner/iThoughtsX and I’m enjoying it.

Q. Is it possible to show the titles of linked notes in Outline columns?
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Is there a download link @ThatGuy?

(Nick Gordon) #3

You can email Peter at to be added to the beta - no direct download yet

(Paul Walters) #4

This topic probably belongs in its own thread (@mwra can move it if he wants). I’ve used SheetPlanner a lot in beta. It’s good for what it does, which so far is fairly limited. I think of it more as a planning app not a note taking app, but I can see it could be used that way. Exports in either OPML or CSV format. Tinderbox has better success importing the SheetPlanner OPML than CSV. Probably because the CSV format is not adept at representing hierarchical data, which is what SheetPlanner produces.

(Over here, CSV import in Tinderbox 7 frequently gets weird or garbled results, so I avoid importing CSV if I can.)

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Hi Paul,
Do you have an email address that I can reach you at?

You can email me at and I will respond there if that’s convenient.

Thank you.