Spaced Repetition Learning in Tinderbox?

(Tom Diaz) #1


Has anyone tried using/created/integrated a spaced learning system system with tinderbox? StarterTemplate.

Although Omnifocus works for fixed repeating spaced intervals such as a reminder set at 1d, 1w etc, but not as good for the variable times used in many programs such as Anki, superMemo etc.

I find spaced learning systems useful to me in trying to learn a new subject, preparing for a presentation etc for the longer term. I think Tinderbox would be ideal to combine with my meta notes and hasten incremental formalization. I am curious if anyone else has already done some work in this area before I dive in deeper

Example case scenario:
10 items reviewed: 7easy: assigned: color green, review in 3d, 2 medium (identified gaps in knowledge) color yellow: review 1d, 1 hard: color red review in 3 hours.
Another thought: rather than to create a system withiin Tinderbox has anyone integrated with Anki?

Thanks in advance

Language Learning in Tinderbox
(James Fallows) #2

Not sure if I’m fully understanding your request, but as a conceptual matter: it is possible (and fairly easy) to create an agent or rule that highlights notes based on timing criteria.

The simplest illustration would be a note with a date-type attribute you create, with a name like $NextReminder (or anything similar). You could then have an agent with a query for that attribute.

For instance, an agent-query could be $NextReminder<=date(today) , or a rule based on similar logic: if($NextReminder<=date(today)) {desired action here}. And then the agent or rule could turn the notes red, or highlight them in a different way, or give them a certain badge, or display them on a dashboard.

I imagine (but don’t know for sure) that there is a way to do the same thing on a time-of-day (rather than simple calendar-date) basis. But I haven’t ever done that myself so will leave that to the actual experts.

(Tom Diaz) #3

Thanks James. Your response is helping me get started by using your query examples.

I apologize for not making myself more clear with my initial question, but my initial intent for posting the question to the forum was twofold: 1. How to get started with the concept/query for spaced learning and lastly, to explore insights with anyone else who might have already built a similar system and might have had some valuable insights of lessons learned along the way.

Thanks again.