Special characters in note names

(jmm) #1

In the attributes view there is an Evaluate option for the Container attribute. I’ve noticed that characters such as comma (,) colon (:)… truncate the parent note when it’s evaluated. Is there a listing of characters that are not allowed? Should they be avoided / replaced for the paths to always work correctly?

(Mark Anderson) #2

What sort of problematic strings are you evaluating?

(eastgate) #3

When you evaluate an expression, Tinderbox treats that expression as it would in a Tinderbox command. For example:


will evaluate to “4”. If you have a string, it should be enclosed in single or double quotes; Tinderbox will do its best to do what you want regardless, but operators like “+”, period, and comma embedded in strings will likely produce syntax errors.

(jmm) #4

Thank you for your clarification.