Starting Tinderbox without opening files

(James A. Foster) #1

TBX freezes when I open it. Is there a way to open it without automatically opening the last open file?

I’m pretty sure there is, but I’ve forgotten how.

(David Hills) #2

Holding down the shift key as you open a Mac app ordinarily keeps it from reopening documents. Seems to work for Tinderbox in particular.

(eastgate) #3

And we’d love a copy of the file that apparently freezes Tinderbox! Thanks.

(James A. Foster) #4

ok, to whom do I send it? It’s pretty big. (and it didn’t hang TBX a few weeks ago when I opened it last)

(James A. Foster) #5

Oddly, this works if the app icon is on the doc. But it does not work if I shift-click on the app in the Applications folder! Strange.

(eastgate) #6

Send problem docs to . Zip them up (right-click in finder and compress) to save space. If still too big, Dropbox is easy, or email first and we’ll figure out a way.

(James A. Foster) #7

Will do. One last question: is there a way to open a file with all agents and rules disabled? I would like to try to re-enable them one at a time to see if that’s where my problem is.

The problem might be in exporting documents, too.

(eastgate) #8

No way to disable rules. You could disable automatic agent updates from the file menu, if you could open the file.