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TB8 quicklook questions

(Pat Maddox) #1
  1. Is there a way to use spotlight search on tinderbox notes? It seems like quicklook is essentially a screenshot of the “view only” of the doc, but doesn’t provide anything for spotlight to chew on.
  2. Has anyone gotten DEVONthink to display the quicklook preview for TB docs? They still display as XML to me.

(Peter Punk) #2

In DEVONthink 3 it works and if I’m not mixing things up it already worked in DEVONthink Pro Office.

(Claire) #3

Hi there
I’ve just checked and DevonThink 3 displays the quicklook preview for Tinderbox 8 - which is amazing, I hadn’t realised. :slight_smile: However, DevonThink Professional Office only displays the code.

(Pat Maddox) #4

ah interesting, I don’t have DT3 yet

Is there any way to get DTPO v2 to display the quicklook instead of XML?

Also what about Spotlight search of TB8 documents?