The Tinderbox Way: 3rd Edition

(eastgate) #1

A new and greatly-expanded edition of Mark Bernstein’s book about the design of Tinderbox.

(James Fallows) #2

Have just ordered now, from Dublin! Congrats on getting this done.

(Paul Walters) #3

It’s on my iPad now. A great treat.

(eastgate) #4


For those who downloaded the ePub version on Friday, there’s a new ePub available at the same download address. The new version has nicer formatting.

(Robert Luke ) #5

It’s a terrific read so far. If it becomes available in a paper version, I’ll buy a copy of that too.

(eastgate) #6

A paper edition is planned, but will take a a couple of months.

(Douglas Johnson) #7

The Third Edition is a major step forward. The discussion is clearer and more revealing of the depth and potential of Tinderbox. Although I use it virtually constantly, this edition points to many ways I can improve what Tinderbox can do for me.

Small suggestion: if there is an opportunity to open the PDF file, the version I have contains several blank pages. Not a biggie. I only noticed when odd and even page numbers flipped back and forth when I printed two-up two-sided.

(David Hills) #8

A wonderful new edition, profoundly helpful. I did spot one other issue in the PDF version: for some reason, the cell borders don’t show up in the reproduced Treemap Figures 10-3 and 10-4. They come through loud and clear in the EPUB version, however.

(Alex Strick van Linschoten) #9

Will you announce / send out an email when the paper edition is out? I’d like to order when that’s ready.

(eastgate) #10

Yes – we’ll announce it on the Eastgate-List.

If anyone is NOT a member of the Eastgate-List, it’s a low-volume announcement list for updates, new editions, and similar news. You can sign up at , or just email a request to and we’ll take care of it.

(David) #11

I wonder if you know now whether the price difference between electronic and paper is likely to be as it was, viz. $35 vs. $50?

(eastgate) #12

I don’t have the final numbers on the print version, but it’ll be in that ballpark.