Timeline horizontal scale (not start/end date)

(Jordan Johnson) #1

Is it possible to adjust the horizontal display scale in Timeline view?

To clarify: I’ve discovered $TimelineStart and $TimelineEnd and set them appropriately, so I’m not inquiring about setting the timescale; I’m asking if it’s possible to specify how many horizontal units — px or other display units — per day or per hour, or equivalently, how wide the entire timeline should be, visually.


(Desalegn) #2

If you are talking about the display, you can.

The scale of the time in contrast to the display (px), I don’t think that is possible.

(Jordan Johnson) #3

I’ll try to clarify further since I may not have been totally clear:

Right now, a week occupies about an inch of space horizontally, and I have maybe 10 or 15 notes per band per week. I would rather have a week occupy four or five inches horizontally.


(Paul Walters) #4

As @Desalegn suggested – see Timeline Settings. There, change Width.

(Jordan Johnson) #5

Ah, OK — thanks! The slider was already maxed out, so it looks like about an inch wide is the widest I can get a week to be. :frowning: I wonder if the max is tunable anywhere.

(Paul Walters) #6

I suspect “wider” depends on the monitor’s screen resolution.