Timeline view acts crazy

(Stephen Zeoli) #1

When I try to use the Timeline view, I get unexpected and unpredictable behavior. It looks fine when I switch to Timeline view, but if I want to move a note to a new band or slightly adjust its dates, the whole timeline starts expanding and I have no control over what is happening until I let go of the note, and then it is somewhere I don’t want it with its $StartDate and $EndDate now shifted to dates I don’t want. Do others experience this? Am I simply missing some key step or something? Any clues would be welcome. Thanks.

(eastgate) #2

Sounds like a job for Tech Support!

(Jordan Johnson) #3

I’ve only just started playing with TImeline, but I’m experiencing this too (in v7.1.0).
So far I’ve been too busy to look into it, and have been treating Timeline as a more-or-less read-only display.