Tinderbox throws error on quit

(Hugo Rodas) #1

Tinderbox throws an error almost every time I quit the application. This has been happening since the 6.x version. Here’s a screenshot of the error.

(Mark Anderson) #2

Please seen the crash logs to support (info@eastgate.com) and if willing (and not enormous) a copy of the TBX (or a URL link to the file).

Crash issues can’t be diagnosed by your fellow users here in the user forum.

(Hugo Rodas) #3

Ok. I will send crash logs by e-mail. But just want to point out it happens to all files, even unsaved files.

(Mark Anderson) #4

Please add that to the email too. Although Eastgate post here, this isn’t product tech support and the moderators are volunteers (i.e. we’re just unaffiliated fellow users). In other words,please don’t assume questions intended for support but posted will be read by support. They may be but for crashes, it’s better/quicker to contact tech support direct.

(James Fallows) #5

Over the years, I’ve encountered versions of Tinderbox that had frequent crashes, and others that were very stable over periods of weeks or months. For me, the latest versions have been stable for quite a while.

My experience is that if you send a copy of the crash log (or the first parts of it) to Eastgate, they can usually sleuth out the problem pretty quickly and deal with it. If it’s one particular file that’s causing problems, as has sometimes been the case for me, they sometimes request a copy of that, and can use it for clues in edge-case situations. Good luck.