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Trouble entering query code for agents

(JESP) #1

Hi, I’ve set up a bunch of agents - or a set of nested agents - and was about to enter the query code for them (e.g., $Prototype=="pImport" & $GroupsName.contains("Special Group Name") ) but I’m unable to enter anything in the Inspector’s Query window.

I’ve also noticed that some of my agents now have errors that read: “This agent has no query, or its query can’t be understood.”

What am I doing wrong and how to I fix it? Thanks!

(Mark Anderson) #2

:open_mouth: That shouldn’t be possible, but if you’ve somehow managed it no wonder Tinderbox is having problems. Agents should contain only the aliases of items matching their query.

(JESP) #3

I actually thought we did that with a pervious DB.

Would it be possible to convert an Agent into a Note – just so I can maintain the structure I’ve created, and then enter the query code into the agents?

(JESP) #4

Well, I de-nested the agents, and still have the same error. Also, I created a new agent last night, successful entered the query code example that I referenced above, and now that also produced the same error: “This agent has no query, or its query can’t be understood.”

(eastgate) #5

I suggest you post your Tinderbox document so we can see just what you’ve done.

(JESP) #6

Well, thanks for that. I’ve made some changes and suddenly there aren’t any more errors. So, we’ll see. I’ll keep an eye on it and report back, if necessary. Thanks!