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"Turning Reading Notes into a Tinderbox Map" video series

(Paul Walters) #1

Reader Beck Tench (@beck ) recently published another series of excellent and engaging videos on “turning reading notes into a Tinderbox map”. As with all of @beck’s videos on note taking and Tinderbox – also available on the YouTube channel and @beck’s web site – this series is recommended for any starting with Tinderbox or engaged with it for a very long time.

A big hand to @beck for sharing this wonderful work with the community!


(Marc Miller) #2

@beck 's videos are fantastic. Her love of knowledge and learning shines through. And her presentation is very relaxed and conversational while still being thorough and insightful.

In an internet abounding with productivity gurus, Beck doesn’t claim to be one or give any indication of wanting to be so called – and that’s possibly one reason why she’s so good at giving the viewer “aha!” moments.

I second @PaulWalters’s recommendation. I believe every Tb user, from just-started to seasoned veteran can get something out of them – both with regards to Tb but also knowledge work in general.