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Unique ID in $Name

Is there a way to (with a keystroke) insert date and time in a note name? This is to generate a unique id for zettelkasten purposes.

  1. ⌘-/ and ⌘⌥-/ insert the date and the date+time respectively.

  2. An OnAdd action can set the $Name without regard to what you entered, or can append date or time as you wish.

  3. $ID is also a unique ID.

  4. Sequential user attributes can be used for IDs as well; these are often overlooked.

Thanks very much. Most helpful.

You could use a $DisplayExpressions such as:

$Name + ":" + $ID + ":" + $Created.format(mdy)

Thank you. I have been a low expertise user of TBX for several years. Building a Zettelkasten is forcing me into a new zone.