Updated index to Oakley's articles

(Mark Anderson) #1

At his blog The Eclectic Light Company (https://eclecticlight.co/), Howard Oakley posts quite regularly about use of both Storyspace and Tinderbox. He’s recently unpadted his index of these articles: https://eclecticlight.co/2016/10/26/storyspace-and-hypertext-index-to-articles/
Updated URL for index: https://eclecticlight.co/2017/08/22/storyspace-and-hypertext-index-to-articles/

As Howard generaly describe his thought process and provides sample files to, his writing should be of interest to those trying to find their own preferred style of use. The process of breaking down the overall workflow into digestable and, as importantly, discretely testable tasks is commended to the reader.

(James Fallows) #2

Thanks for the reminder and links. I have found these accounts by Howard Oakley to be very useful on exploring the possibilities and techniques of using Tinderbox. (I don’t use or know about Storyspace so look at those installments mainly for points that seem related to TB.) They’re also very attractively presented and illustrated.

(Paul Atlan) #3

The link seems broken, although a search for “tinderbox” in the eclectic light website will yield a treasure trove of articles.

(Mark Anderson) #4

Looks like Howard updated the URL to https://eclecticlight.co/2017/08/22/storyspace-and-hypertext-index-to-articles/

I’ve added this to the original post above too.

(Paul Atlan) #5

I should’ve dug a bit more … thanks for finding it.

(Mark Anderson) #6

No problem. Thanks for the heads-up that the was broken as now it’s fixed for everyone. :slight_smile: