Using a Stamp to set $Rule?

(Jake Bernstein) #1

I don’t have a great deal of time to troubleshoot this, so…TO THE FORUM!

$Rule=$Subtitle=$ChildCount+" Notes"; $SubtitleColor=“bright green”

My intent should be clear. I want to use a stamp to set a rule because I don’t want to use a prototype in this instance. I just want to be able to make certain containers (which may already have prototypes), show me a little green total number of notes as the $Subtitle.


(Mark Anderson) #2

Two errors:

  1. You’re setting the rule, and thus a string representing what will be run as the rule code once in place. As you already use quotes in the desired rule once, you need to use a different type (single vs double) of quote to enclose all the code
  2. You must use straight quotes for action code - your second expression uses curly quotes.

Thus, your stamp should be:

$Rule="$Subtitle=$ChildCount+' Notes';$SubtitleColor='bright green';"

Note, I reversed the nesting of single-outside-double quotes to double-outside-single. This is because the other way around, the Tinderbox parser is confused and only the first expression of the rule code gets set. Tested in v7.3.1

(Jake Bernstein) #3

Ah ha, the “use different styles of quotes” issue. That’s what I was missing! The curly quotes thing I knew about, I think that happened when I cut & paste the rule. Thanks!!!

(Mark Anderson) #4

I thought the curly quotes might be an auto-correct artefact! An interesting angle here was that an outer set of single quotes didn’t work. sometimes, it’s worth ‘reversing’ the nesting in case, as here it fixes the issue.