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Wordcloud question

Good afternoon, I hope someone can help me with a problem I have encountered please.

I’m carrying out text analysis of a university’s website. To do this I’ve copied the text from each of the main pages into notes, eg one each for “home”, “about”, “courses”, “research”, “wellbeing” etc. Then I’ve clicked get info and selected “repetition” for whole document. This gives a clear breakdown of repeated words and the frequency. This can then be exported to a spreadsheet. So far so good.

I then click on “words” I “get info” and get a word cloud. In the word cloud I can click on individual words and then sees list showing in which they occur and how many in each note.

The problem I need help with is that the total of some words in “repetition” does not equal the total of the distribution of that word in the word cloud view.

Maybe I’m being dim, but I can’t see why this is happening. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

I believe that the repetition tool has a slightly different approach to questions like case-sensitivity and plurals — and perhaps to short words as well.

If you can post the example here, or mail a copy to tinderbox@eastgate.com, I’d be happy to take a closer look at the anomaly.

Thank you very much, Mark. I will send you the file with an explanation of the problem.
I really appreciate your assistance
Best regards

@TonyC Did you know you can also use export code to display your WordCloud? This is can also come in handy for reporting and visuals. Note: the documentCloud() does not seem to be sizing the words.

You can use ^cloud^, ^sectionCloud^, and ^documentCloud^ export code.

TBX L - Using Word Cloud.tbx (129.3 KB)

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Good Morning, Michael,

Many thanks for your response, which is very helpful.

Very best regards



Good lord, there is so much I am missing in Tinderbox. @satikusala hope you are ready to rock 'n roll soon, because what I was hoping would happen, DID happen and boy I’m gonna need your help.

Ya, there has been a ton!!! Sounds exciting. Can’t wait to hear more. :slight_smile: