2 simple questions/suggestions?

I have a couple of questions and would greatly appreciate your guidance:

  1. Is there a method that allows a note to auto-expand when I type in its name in the map view? I’d like to be able to view the entire content of the note as I continue typing because quite often it is several lines.
  2. Is there a way to cancel effect of pressing ctrl + option + cmd? It is very annoying for me for long time. Because I have to constantly switch between 3 languages and I use this combination of keys. I tried other combinations but they all either uncovenient or conflict with other hotkeys.

See Document Settings:Map:

To clarify: you frequently use ctrl + option + cmd for other reasons, and would prefer that Tinderbox not recognize this as a request to zoom-out the current view?

I suppose that you’re using Keyboard Maestro or Alfred, or something like that, to recognize this key chord and switch languages? Is Tinderbox blocking the receipt of the key chord, or is it just that the view redraw is an unwelcome distraction?

Thank you for your reply! This I tried. But I would like to expand dynamically while I am typing. Because the whole point is to see all that I have already typed while I am still typing. Not just the last several words.

You see, when I use notes in Tinderbox to help me in my thinking I need to formulate sentences on the go (while typing) for which it is often necessary to assess what is already typed. Currently, I need to make a raw version of a sentence then hit Enter and only then edit it. This is again not the way I usually do it in other text editors where I readily see whole sentence while still typing. I think many would find it convenient.


Yes, besides I also use Bettertouchtool which I need for hyperkey functionality. It allows recognition of Caps lock as simultaneous pressing of ctrl+option+cmd+shift, expanding the possible amount of hotkeys. And the Keyboard Maestro is used to switch between 3 languages.

I get zoomed out every time and lose my position on the map. This usually occurs when I type a long sentence in the note’s name and then need to switch languages. As a result, I’m compelled to use the default macOS hotkey to switch the keyboard layout. This method isn’t convenient when juggling three languages, and I constantly forget to use it in Tinderbox because in all other applications, I rely on my custom method.

I’ll see if we can add a preference…