9.5 odd ziplink behaviour

Very much enjoying 9.5

Noticed some consistently odd zip link behaviour when creating a backlink

[[note::some text]] produces the expected result ( a new ‘note’ with the ‘some text’ in it)


[[<note::some text]] produces a backlink to the sibling creating ‘note’ but the text becomes ‘:some tex’

I can’t replicate this from the example except that the syntax is [[<note::some text>]]. I don’t think the closing > is optional. If I you omit it, then yes you get an odd outcome … because you’ve note closed the backlink generating code.

†. I checked, it clearly shows a closing >.

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Thanks, Mark - I wasn’t closing the backlink :woozy_face:

Not forcing the closure by failing the ]] makes sense as the text is easily spotted and corrected

Many thanks

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