A Challenge From Obsidian

TfTHacker posted on Twitter with this example from their Obsidian plugin, Canvas Candy:

It’s a hybrid between a brainstorming session and a sales briefing — not perhaps the ideal situation, but certainly not uncommon!

Now, this isn’t idiomatic for Tinderbox, but I think Tinderbox can make diagrams a lot like this. And I think some aspects the the graphic design here might be adjusted, too. So, two open challenges:

  • How close can we get to doing this without twisting Tinderbox into a pretzel?
  • What are some other presentation of the same sort that we might create in Tinderbox?

Hi everyone! This is my contribution to that challenge:

Challenge TBX.tbx (324.2 KB)


I would start by observing that the Canvas Candy visual layout adds nothing to understanding the brainstorming process that TfTHacker lays out; it is nothing more than an outline, and so I began by entering all of the data in a Tinderbox document using Outline View.
From the Outline View, I began manually connecting elements with links for tools, common thoughts, etc.
Then I could look at the once-entered information using Chart View, and see the relationships in a mind map-like format.
Treemap View lets me see all Notes in a single screen, and further add complexity by adding attributes.
Lastly, the new Table View in Tinderbox 9.6.2 b647 (backstage) let’s me take the final format and output it quickly in a .csv format for sharing with Excel.

This demonstrates the Tinderbox focus on analysis rather than text entry.
2023-12-09 PTC Challenge response.tbx (164.0 KB)