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A couple of new articles

Reflecting some user confusion recently, I’ve added aTbRef articles on editing attribute values and on ‘tear-off’ windows. The larger part of the work has been to then cross-connect them to relevant existing articles. I’ve also added to the article on Notes & Containers to make more apparent that notes are essentially a collection of attributes and that all notes ‘have’ all attributes (even if not always in view). The sitemap HTML page and zip of the TBX have both been updated.

I’m as interested as ever to hear about ‘missing’ things, i.e. knowledge that is assumed by the document and which might better be explained. Also any parts where there are missing cross-links, e.g. to explanations of a feature being discussed in the page being viewed. It is my aim to avoid duplication of content, so this means following links, but I’m sure linking can be improved.