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A little glitch with the new Links pane?

Love the new Links pane! It’s invaluable.

Just wanted to point out what I think is a small problem: In what is (to me) a common workflow, the info that pops up after command-7 can be for the wrong note.

After stumbling over this in a large document, I recreated the problem in a new doc. To do so I

1 Made a new document. Created 3 notes. Linked Note 1 to Note 2 and Note 3. Then linked Note 2 to Note 1.

2 Then opened Note 1 in the map-on-left, text-on-right view. Hit command-7. Up pops the links panel with an accurate account of inbound link and outbound links.

3 I hit command-7 again to close the links info.

4 I then selected Note 2 in the same map and text view. Note 2’s text window appeared.

5 I hit command-7.

What popped up is NOT accurate for Note 2. What pops up is the link info for Note 1.

These screen shots show this result. As you can see the Links pane for Note 2 is identical to the pane for Note 1.

To get an accurate account of Note 2 from command-7, you have to deselect all notes (ie click on the background) then select Note 2 from scratch.

This does not happen if one clicks on a note in the map, and then clicks on another note with the Links pane open. In that case the Links pane changes to stay correct. It also doesn’t happen if you go via a link in the Links pane to another note. There, too, the Links pane changes accurately.

So I guess this is a niche situation – where a user has closed the Links panel in one note and then opened it later in a different note. That would not happen in a teeny doc like this test. But in a large document I’ve found it happens a lot. I look over links, then close the panel to concentrate on writing in the note; then some time later I am in another note, find a need to see its links, do the command-7, and am confused to find myself looking at the wrong links.

Anyone else having this problem?

OK. Just select the note while the links pane is open and you’ll be fine.

Please send reports like this to bernstein@eastgate.com; things get fixed faster that way.

OK. Thanks, Mark. I wasn’t sure about sending to support vs. forum, now I know.

For now the thing to do is not close the Links pane. Otherwise, after I close it at 2 PM in Note 342, I will see the wrong links when I open it at 3:15 in Note 718. As I wrote, this is not an issue in a tinker-toy test doc. In a big and involved project, though, it is, at least for me. But, no worries, keeping the pane open is a very small price to pay for its many uses!


I believe this is fixed in 8.6.1

Good to know. And thanks, as ever. The recently added features (links panel, crosstabs, ziplinks, dragging from one doc to another) are all great additions.