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A search and select the sentence/paragraph

Maybe it is already possible. I’m not savvy enough with Tinderbox (at all!) to know, but I don’t think so.
My thinking was this:
Tinderbox is great for collecting info, articles etc, and doing analysis on all that info. What if it would be possible to do a search on all the notes (or on a selection based on tags or whatever) and automatically have Tinderbox in the text select the sentence (Between . and .) in which the searchterm is found. That would make it possible to collect the info your looking for on a more efficiënt and microscopic scale, specially if you have a bunch of long notes and/or articles. You could even make it a sort of choice, where the user could choose te retract the paragraph the term is found in or the sentence. And this without going through exploding the notes.
As I said, maybe it is already possible. Or it is just a wild idea that is impossible. I don’t know.

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Not possible now (you could make a feature request). Don’t overlook Find. The view-pane find allows search - including regex - on $Name and or $Text and/or a suer attribute (only one such attribute selected at a time). The Find results pop-up, which can be torn off, shows the term highlighted on (some) surrounding text. Within a note’s $Text search (no regex) will highlight instances. Plus there are agents if you want more complex queries though these only match notes and don’t indicate context within. Anyway, those are some options of what can be done at present.

Thx for replying. It is more or less what I thought it was.

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