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A Tinderbox Zettelkasten starter file

You are not…watch any of the Saturday morning meetups or my videos and you’ll see that to. I try, but alas fail forward often.

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Point taken!

Also outing myself as a dyspraxic two-finger typist who types (and can’t screen-see) errors I’d never make with pen and paper. Humans using computers computers is but decades old. We’ve had centuries to get comfortable with pean and type. I’m sure the neural pathways aren’t the same so occasional hilarity ensues.

Tech doesn’t help. AI is at an infant state. Apple spell checkers can’t, for instance, correctly detect correct use of they’re vs. their vs. there. Worse, in doubtless a few young dudes in a room decision, simply assumes usage matches writing of someone with poor first language skills (or lsanguage skill level of those in room). I guess that’s signed off as ‘inclusive’ but is actually the worst possible outcome. A bunch of young, white, male, gamerz likely lack sufficient (first-language) articulacy to make such deep decisions as are then applied at OS levels—without more skilled input. I feel for all the neglected humanities graduates in the room next door that they felt it beneath them to ask for help. We really need to think less selfishly about such important areas of computing.

To err is human! :slight_smile:

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I’d also add that most (all?) here know what we are talking about. If I Google “ZeTeLLkESTerN” I get as the top hit a link to Zettelkasten - Wikipedia

I’m resistant to a purity spiral where … whe all gotta spel right. Many here are working through the barrier of working outside their own first language when using English; this is a problematic and I’m respectful of that. For me, as long as I understand, I can’t get too exercised about spelling. I do care about English, when written deliberately as such—as friends will attest. But, this is help forum and I’ve gained most of my tech smarts by the kindness of others online. The seed of aTbRef was a kind unencumbered gift of TBX file (representing many hours of work) by a Swiss Tinderbox user.

Zettel, schmettel, who really cares? It’s a dated card based system no one really uses now. What people are trying to do is machine a digital analog of a paper system. Rather like driving you car on two wheels because horses gallop with only two feet touching the ground. The process, if even pertinent to the current can be spelt any way we like. In a paper for publishing, sure, I’d look it up.

†. It strikes me the veneration of the technique owes much to the Underpants Gnomes Business Theory of today: i.e. collect all stuff → mystery step → success & riches! Recreating the archival artefact of a productive author of yesteryear will not, of itself, make us more productive today. I doubt that an agile mind like Luhmann would use as pedestrian a method as a digital card-box, were he alive today. Rather, I suspect he’d embrace a tool like Tinderbox and use its richness to explore connections a manner a 20C library-card-box can’t. But, we’re a broad church here, and as a community helper I’m happy to assist folk making simulacra of the past if such is their desire. I would note that world has moved on since and other, more capable, approaches to serendipitous discovery are available. But, whatever floats your boat! As I say, it’s a broad church and different opinions are available. :slight_smile:


Oh, I forgot about this. Awesome!!! too funny.

I believe it’s taught—or at least referred to—in business school, and not as a joke. It pretty much describes many online start-ups.

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