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A two way sync of all notes with Apple notes or any other note app

Since tinderbox is not available on iPad.

I was wondering if there exists a note app where two way sync is possible of all notes and not just watched folders.

Currently I am using Apple notes so it would be fabulous to get all your notes on mobile.

I use Drafts to sync my notes between my mobile and laptop/computer. I think use Drafts actions with apple script to sent them over to Tinderbox. The currently is not bidirectional sync feature, i.e., one to send notes back and forth and keep them updated.

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Have you made a video on this?

Your video tutorials have made me upgrade my tinderbox and use TBX as my primary notes app.

Thanks for the superb videos.

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Not yet, but I will…keep an eye out for the next week or so.

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