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A video about Tinderbox as a concept map tool in the field of art and life stories

Hi! I hope you’re fine!

I’ve uploaded a new video I’ve been working on this summer.

It is called Narration and I relate some aspects of my relation to art through a concept map I designed with Tinderbox.

The challenge for me was triple: first, I wanted to create a concept map I could use later as a template to design an artist statement in the Thomas Hirschhorn way; secondly, I wanted to design a life stories concept map in the perspective of using it with workshops I present in this field;

thirdly, my intention was to use Tinderbox as a presentation tool in combination with Apple Keynote. Usually, I use Latex Beamer class to make presentations for my courses. In this case, this combination allowed me to insert a Tinderbox map into the slides of a presentation as if Tinderbox was a tool specifically designed for presentations and to explore my map.

It’s not therefore a video tutorial about Tinderbox. It’s a video that shows a way to use Tinderbox as a presentation tool. I hope you’ll like it.


Lovely! Very French!!

Trés bien, merci!

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I’ve said it before – I absolutely love your grasp of design. It’s very fastidious while still joyful and playful. The way you use Tinderbox aesthetically is the perfect answer to the odd comments along the lines of “Tinderbox looks outdated”. This video, in style and substance, is festival-worthy.


Thank you very much, what a wonderful short movie. The cinematography–for want of a better word–was excellent. Your command of movement and space was a great treat. The narration too, in voice and in content, was very well conceived. Clearly, the whole was greater than the sum of the parts.

There were a few philosophical questions still to ponder…

In which cases, if any, does a painting drawn through the sight of nature, fail to represent the nature seen? To what extent can this be intentional?

Another way of putting it would be to ask after the nature of the difference, if any, between the presentation and the representation of something (a content)?

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It is a “play” play. Very provoking and sparking many modes of reflection. I enjoy watching it.

You are gracious to make and share this little wonder!

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Thank you everyone for your encouragements which go straight to my heart.

@entropydave: The example of dissertation I refer to in this new video has a subtlety about the meaning of the word nature. A landscape painting is indeed a representation of a part of what is perceived, especially seen and which is called nature. But between what the painter sees and what he transcribes on his canvas, there is a gap: first, he only transcribes a part of a whole (this landscape); then, even in the case of a realistic painting, this transcription is partly subjectivized. Can we therefore affirm that a painted landscape is a faithful image of a reality, nature, which I can think of as a whole, but which I can only partially access, for example while contemplating this restricted part that we call landscape? Wouldn’t the painter be more objective if he understood nature as a set of laws and proposed a presentation — and not a representation — transcribed in the form of an equation? In a sense, then, one could say that a painter unintentionally fails to represent nature insofar as what he uses to show is an inadequate reflection of what he feels he is seeing while contemplating nature.

In any case, this video was an opportunity for me to test the setting in images and the exploration of a map made with Tinderbox using a slideshow tool. In the next months, I will use this way of doing things as part of a life story workshop.

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