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About A Tinderbox Reference File png absence

Dear Mr.Mark Anderson,
Thank you for your perennial assistance.
I am afraid that I will inform your aTbRef-8.tbx of graphical png file absence.
As follows :
Get Info pop-over
Roadmap pop-over
View menu
Window menu

Respectfully, WAKAMTSU kunimitsu

I cannot replicate this:

All these web load the correct image and the images are there in the /images folder and correctly set up in the TBX. Might I suggest you try clearing your web browser cache so it loads fresh copies of the pages?

In checking this I did find the Get Info/repetition article was pointing to an old image. I’ve updated that article so the correct image displays. I also found the image for the Map settings pop-up image was missing and have fixed this too. The online ‘images.zip’ should be correct but out of caution and to reflect the edit to the Get Info/repetition article I have uploaded fresh copies of both images.zip and aTbRef8.zip.

Dear Mr.Mark Anderson,
Thank you for your reply.

I am afraid that I always clear my Web Browser cache evry week.
At this moment, I execute [opt+cmd+E] for Clear Cache in Safari.app.
Safari ver.13.1 under Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6.

Get Info pop-over.png, Roadmap pop-over are still invisible.
[2020/05/05 21:39:55]
Yours, WAKAMATSU Kunimitsu

Please post the URL you are viewing. For instance, on the Roadmap pop-over article at https://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref8/index/Dialogs/Roadmappop-over.html, I see this:

The image is clearly there. For me the page also loads correctly in Firefox and Chrome.

If you are talking about a different context, i.e. not the aTbRef website pages, then please can you explain in more detail the context you mean. :slight_smile:

Dear Mr.Mark Anderson,
point taken.

Yours, WAKAMATSU kunimitsu
Exporting to HTML (aTbRef-8.tbx), index.html and images Folder are put in same position in Exporting Folder, is it correct ?

Correct. Here is my export folder (as seen in my FTP client):

Apart from the home (index.html) and sitemap pages all the exported HTML is found in folder ‘index’. The images are are at the root of the site for consistent access. Plus, when I started this project, Tinderbox didn’t embed images. That is also why there is never more than a single image per note (for now!).