About Getting text of children in a note

Dear Dr.Mark Anderson,
Thanks for everything.
I immediately experimented with the application using the .tbx file you provided.
For the links, I set ziplink instead of manually Copy&Paste.
I experimented with using Copy specifc matched para Stamp.
The steps of this experiment are as follows

  1. make a copy of Copy specifc matched para2 Stamp

  2. change the destination etc. as follows
    var:string vWantedPara;.
    $Text(“Memo 5”).paragraphList().each(aPara){
    if(aPara.beginsWith(“# development”)){
    vWantedPara = aPara; }
    $Text(“Memo 6”) += " " + vWantedPara;

  3. execute para2 Stamp in Memo 6

  4. at the beginning of #development appended to Memo 6
    ziplink write. 5.

Specify Memo 5 as the link destination

Click on the created ziplink 7.

  1. the text that was written directly under # developement in Japanese are “highlighted”

That is all for your report.
Truly yours , WAKAMATSU

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