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About Sector.format

Dear Dr.Mark Anderson,
Though I know how busy you must be.
Thanks in advance.
Could I take advantage of yours expertise ?
Where could I find Sector.format ( or $Sector.format ) in your aTbRef ?
Respectfully, WAKAMATSU

Dear Dr.Mark Anderson,
I apologize for asking such a foolish question earlier.
The name “sector” must be a User-created Attribute?
If it is not in the default list of DisplayAttribute,
should I consider it a UserAttribute?
Respectfully, WAKAMATSU

No problem, $Sector isn’t a system attribute. But to use $Sector.format() in your document, look at the user attribute Inspector for the data type of the attribute Sector. Then use the aTbRef listing of action codes to see the use of .format. So if Sector is a list-type see list.format(), or if Sector is a number-type, see Number.format(), etc.

Dear Dr.Mark Anderson,
Thanks for your prompt reply.
I will read and study action code listing in aTbRef carefully.
Respectfully, WAKAMATSU

Dear Dr.Mark Anderson,
Thanks for your prompt reply.
I hesitate to ask you but could not you make a guiding branch
workable for leading up to OS10.14 and macOS 10.15.0 or later ?
Finally get around a chance to use wordsRelatedTo(“term”[, N]),
Unfortunately, my usage environment is OS 10.14.5 Mojave .

Cf. aTbRef : wordsRelatedTo(“term”[, N])
NOTE: This feature needs macOS 10.15.0 or later. If used on older OSs, the function returns no data; i.e. not all users of v8.x maybe able to use this feature as it is macOS version dependent.

I do not want to give you a severe nor unwilled challenge.
I hope you will consider it and give it some thought.
Respectfully yours, WAKAMATSU

Have you seen this page Features needing more recent OS versions? It lists all the notes which mention needing an OS later than the oldest supported macOS version.

You are not alone, I am still using v10.14.6 on my Mac.

Dear Dr.Mark Anderson,
Thank you very much for sharing your valuable information.
I will take a look at the page you mentioned as soon as possible.
This afternoon, while clicking on your aTbRef.
In the information in Attributes > System Attribute List
I picked up the information in the Attributes > System Attribute List that I saw that had notes for ver. 9 and earlier.
This is not a complete list.
It is not a complete list, but it’s attached.
This may overlap with Features needing more recent OS versions?
Respectfully yours, WAKAMATSU
As for wordsRelatedTo(“term”[, N]), it is omitted.

[ Please see below for details. ]

Attributes > System Attribute List (2021年7月5日 月曜日)
AI Attributes
Language analysis is only performed on macOS 10.13 and late

The default value of $HTMLEntities until v8 was true; this should reduce confusion for those accustomed to using utf-8 in HTML.

The default is

though for files created pre-v5, the old default of

will be retained so as not to upset existing output.

HTMLMarkdown (Not Found)

Map Attributes
The colour can be specified as a named Tinderbox colour or – from v2.4.0 – as a hex colour, i.e. ‘black’ or ‘#000000’.

This attribute is transferred when pasting notes to DEVONThink v2.8.8+.

People Attributes
Some items were moved to the new Places group in v8.0.4.

Attribute First Added: 9.0.0

Attribute First Added: 9.0.0
TextFormat Attributes
DEPRECATED: This function is superseded by v6+'s standard list formatting and the attribute is not present in any TBX created using v6.0+. It is retained for v5 & older compatibility only. The information below applies only to pre-v6 versions.

Attribute First Added: 9.0.0

Attribute First Added: 9.0.0

Attribute First Added: 9.0.0

$LeftMargin and $RightMargin are legacy features for pre-v6 and allow the user to set margins for individual notes.

Attribute First Added: 9.0.0

Attribute First Added: 9.0.0

Attribute First Added: 9.0.0

Deprecated: retained for pre-v6 use only.

Deprecated: unused retained for v6 use only.

Deprecated: unused retained for v6 use only.

Deprecated: retained for pre-v6 use only.
Specifies the background colour for the title pane in text windows (not used in v6+).

Deprecated: retained for pre-v6 use only.
Specifies the name of the font used for displaying the current note’s title in the title pane of the note’s text window (ignored in v6+).

Deprecated: retained for pre-v6 use only.
Specifies the foreground colour for the title pane in text windows (not used in v6+).

Deprecated: retained for pre-v6 use only.
Specifies the name of the template to be used for text export (as opposed to HTML export).

Weblog Attributes
Deprecated: retained for pre-v6 use only.
Not used in v6+. Specifies, if1, that MovableType weblogs allow comments.

Here is an additional list.
Export Codes - Full Listing
The ^docTitle^ of this TBX file is: aTbRef-9 v8

The ^version^ for this file is: 8.9.2

favorites folder
This OS behaviour exists (as at macOS 10.15.1) when manually opening such a file in Finder. However, the API allowing programatic creation of a copy a stationery file has been deprecated and cannot be relied upon its use.

Not Found
$BooleanAttribute != false
$DateAttribute == date(“date”)

I didi not check
Misc. User Interface Aspects

Cordially yours, WAKAMATSU

wordsRelatedTo("term"[, N]) is an action code operator, not an attribute. You were looking in the wrong place. The wordsRelatedTo() is documented!

$DominantLanguage: Language analysis is only performed on macOS 10.13 and later. As the baseline is 10.13, this does not count as a feature requiring a newer OS as, for v9, higher than the aTbRef9 baseline “macOS 10.14.x or later”. However, your observation has caused me to remove a number of explicit references to macOS 13.x as this is now the baseline so can assumed to always be met.

Please read the Technical Requirements page.

This not relevant as is quoting reference older Tinderbox versions not newer-than-baseline macOS versions. Different things!

Plrease ensure you have refreshed your web browser The Features needing more recent OS versions article already lists the favorites folder and the other things you cite do not refer to the OS version.

I think you are confused about the Features needing more recent OS versions article. It lists only pages that refer to needing the user to run a macOS higher than the baseline. The baseline is 10.13, so the article should only list references to macOS 10.14 or later. The Tinderbox version is not relevant in this context.

Dear Dr.Mark Anderson,
Thank you for pointing this out.
It seems that I was taking a different view than you intended.
I apologize for that. I will read more carefully next time.
from this site to macOS 10.13 at “a minimum of macOS 10.13,” but it won’t connect. When I click on the link, I cannot connect. It just shows the example “Not Found”.
I look forward to your continued guidance.
Thx and regards, WAKAMATSU

Not at all, I’m sorry if my notes were confusing! I’d rather hear about possible errors , than not to hear! :slight_smile: