About tabulations and Markdown

Hello everyone! I’m trying to understand what does not work when copying and pasting a note written in markdown in Tinderbox and compiling my file with RStudio I finally get a PDF with a non-aligned paragraph and a footnote that does not appear on the PDF, as you can see if you compare the text of my note and a screenshot of my compiled file. It seems that the problem (if only there is a problem…), is the tabulations.

I certainly miss something, but I don’t know what. Anyone would have any idea?

Once my note is compiled, this is what I get:

My note in Tinderbox:

Un essai de tabulation sans ponctuation, mais avec beaucoup de texte et une note de bas de page[1].
Un second essai

  1. Cette note est la suivante : voilà. ↩︎

I found some solutions here.