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Access to suggested links with Action Code

dear all,
I’ve the project to fetch the content of an academic website (course documents), each document being represented as a note: pretty easy to do with the AutoFetch command. Then I want to automatically link the notes according to their semantic proximity. I guess that the “suggested links” would be of help to do that (Links window), but I cannot get which Action Code to use in order to do bulk LinkTo from a note to its most content-related notes (or all those suggested). Would you like to help me? thanks!

The action code similarTo() should be the conduit for this, but I can’t get it to work and can’t find a working code sample.

Essentially, you want to collect a note of the items similar to the current note then iterate the list to make links.

You cannot (yet) do this easily. And, to be sure, I’m not confident you want to do it; the Suggested Links metric is interesting and it’s sometimes worth pondering its suggestions, but I’m not sure you would want to adopt them wholesale!

A related tasks might be to take the $NLNames or $NLPlaces of a note and link them to other notes that mention the same names or places.

If there is sentiment for supporting this in action code, I’d be open to giving it a try.

dear Mark,
thx for this hint, which I’ll explore. Not exactly: I don’t want to produce any new note. Just want to automatically link existing notes (each representing a doc in a website and containing its text) with their semantically closest ones, thru “suggested links”. Then, the idea is to visualize them w/ the hyperbolic view. Is it clearer? thx and best.

FWIW, clicking on a suggested link creates that link. That’s as automated as it gets at present. But, I think that’s actually a pretty good filter. Clicking the listing item offers just enough friction, in the moment, to think “yes, I’ll; not use that suggestion” and avoid introducing linkage noise.

dear Mark,
thx for your reply. Very few locations in the considered texts, but $NLNames would do (partly) the job because they reference to academic works and the cited papers’ authors would be captured… but not the texts’ content by itself.
My opinion is that feature (automatic linking of “related” notes using a semantic engine) would be very useful… maybe also to other readers?
thanks & best,