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Achieving consistency for the font used in notes in a map

I’d be grateful if someone might have advice please on the best way to make the note text font size for all (or at least multiple) notes in a map consistent. When I use “expand proportionately” and “shrink to fit” I end up with lots of different text font sizes. In order to, instead, standardise on, say, font size 16, is the best way to do that via a stamp? If so, what is the action code in such a stamp that would simply change the text font used when the note is displayed in the map to a particular size?..actually, PS: I’ve just worked it out using MapTextSize attribute. Seems to work great when set to 60 via a stamp. Hope this helps someone else.

The size of the font used for titles isn’t changed by expand proportionately.

If you have a note where you used shrink to fit to reduce the font size, and you would like to restore it to the normal font size, the stamp or action


will do that. If you have a note you’d like to use a font that’s 25% bigger than usual:


Thanks Mark, this is very helpful information.

A couple of followup questions if I may:

  1. When resizing the font or size of notes in maps it is not always obvious whether the full text of the note name has been cut off (ie is hidden by the way the note has been sized). To address this, a workaround is to always put a full stop at the end of the note to give a visual queue that the full text is reliably showing. Might there be any other (easier) way to be confident that all of a note name is shown?
  2. for monitors running in high resolutions (eg 5120x2880) it is often quite visually challenging to see which tab at the top of the TB display is active. There is a tiny “i” that appears in the active tab, but it is easy to miss. Is there a way to make the active tab more distinguishable in such high res display situations please?

The active tab is also lighter in color, is drawn in front of its neighbors, and casts a shadow on them.

It’s not obvious to me why the display resolution would matter in this. In normal use, even a high-resolution display will show the Tinderbox tab bar with the usual height of 28pt, about 3/8" or 1cm. Are yours smaller?

Hi Mark, attached is what the TB tabs look like on a high res monitor. It is not impossible to tell which tab is active, but it might be helpful for some users to somehow make it clearer - perhaps by color… Tinderbox tabs when using a high resolution monitor.

Wow! Do you really use Tinderbox full-width on a ?40"? display?! I’m impressed: those must be fierce maps.

What’s your horizontal resolution?

I’ll see what we can do about highlighting the active tab more prominently.

Hi Mark, thankyou, it would be great if you could please. 5120x2880…

Wow! A big, big screen!

Yes, the next release highlights the selected tab more emphatically.

Mark, thanks for making the selected Tab glow blue in the new TB version. Perfect! Cheers.

It glows in whatever accent color you prefer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: