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Action Inspector => writing rules ... is that a bug or a feature?

Hello everyone,

this is my first post, so bear with me, I probably just didn’t understand something …

I’ve been convinced theoretically of TB’s merits and long ago bought a license… but only weeks ago I found a wonderful application that works for me… (It’s basically a workout database that organizes plans and documents workouts and sums up all the reps done etc… :wink:

Here’s what I don’t get: I’m writing a bit of code in the Action Inspector’s {cmd-1 } “Rule” pane (round about 20 lines of sth like this: $sumOfSwingsMonthly = sum(children, $sumOfSwings);

I take care to save the file but if I close the Action Inspector my changes of the code in the “Rule” pane are always lost unless I first switch to another pane of the Action Inspector. Like, clicking onto the “Sort” pane and back to the “Rule” pane . After having switched to another pane, only then can I safely close the “Action Inspector” dialog w/o losing code.

I found this puzzling. Nothing big, clicking back and forth is no major hassle and my code nicely works.

So, I didn’t know if I should “file a bug” … is it a bug??? or ask for explanations of this feature. (is it a feature???)

Anyway, I’m really happy about TB and it’s possibilities. An amazing piece of software and - obviously - an amazing users’ community around… chapeau!

cheers, Martin (all the way from Luxembourg)
P.S: Luxembourg is this little thing in the no-man’s-land between Belgium, France and Germany ;-):wink:

Just a guess, but always end your text with a return keystroke may help

Probably, yes … actually, the problem occurred while inserting a line of code between existing lines. I’ll try in a minute if it happens when putting in something as a last line…

Thanks for the answer!
cheers, Martin

yep. I tried it as a last line and it saved the changes :slight_smile:

When working in code input panes as in the Rule Inspector, to insert a line break, you must use Option+Return. Pressing Return alone simply saves existing edits.

If you have unsaved code in the code box and need to switch focus in-app or to another app, it is wise to save your existing code first (press Return). If saving the code would leave a rule that might crash, first untick the ‘enabled’ box bottom left of the Rule Inspector (link above) and only re-tick it when your code is ready to run.

thanks so much, Mark, that clears it up ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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