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Action to collect linked notes

Is there an action to have an agent “collect” the links to a given note and copy aliases underneath it?

I have a tbx with an outline of a paper and linked notes. Is there a way to have an agent move/create aliases of all the linked notes (i.e. the notes that support the item I’m drafting) as subordinate to the outline point?

I’m aware of and am using the roadmap function. It’s good, but I’d like to experiment with doing this way instead, if it’s plausible. I searched the cookbook, but so far this is beyond my very limited skills.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not quite certain I’m following you entirely, but I think the functions you want are

linkedTo(/path/to/destination [, link type])
linkedFrom(/path/to/source [, link type])

Don’t confuse these with linkTo and linkFrom, which create links.