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Action to highlight words or sentences in $Text

I have an agent which query is

inside(“Songs”) & $Text.contains(“city”);

Now I want the action to highlight this specific word (“city”) everywhere it occurs in the notes the agent found. I can’t find out how to do that?
Any idea anyone?

Text highlighting isn’t callable from action code as far as I am aware. At present you need to use either the view or text pane’s Find toolbar to locate and highlight $text matches.

Thank you, @mwra.
Can I, instead, change the color of the word?

In short ‘no’. Action code does not (currently) extend to to styling RTF text. I’m not sure that would be a good workaround as you want the highlight to be removed after the find is no longer valid.

If you really want these sorts of features, do email them in as a feature request to Eastgate as this is a user-to-user help forum.

Ok, Mark, thanks a lot. Appreciate your help.

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