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Actioncode Highlighter

Just finished a first version of my Action-Code Highlighter.
It’s useful if you put your action code into the $Text of a note (to have a larger, nicer editor) and copy the code into the $Edict of the target note from there.

The “ActionCode” note has to be added to the Hints/Highlighters/ container and you will have to set the $SyntaxHighlighting attribute to the name of the new hint (“ActionCode”).

You will get something like this:

See the sample file:
ActionCodeHint.tbx (124.6 KB)

Have fun :wink:


A marvelous effort @webline.

Too bad Tinderbox didn’t handle highlighting its own idiosyncratic code itself.

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Thanks :wink:
I think 9.1 will solve this in it’s own way… we will see!