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'Add Field'' confirmation dialog stuck under initial 'Add Field' dialog?

as per the screen shot. Clicking on the icon gets a blink, clicking elsewhere loses the added user field(s).


[Tinderbox 9.2.1}

Cheers, Malcolm

What the steps needed to recreate the illustrated configuration? I’ve tried but as yet been unable to do so and whilst I can see the effect you describe, it is not the same as having it live in a document.

Thanks Mark - I think I have identified what I was doing to create the situation. I was clicking on the ‘Add Displayed Attributes’ button to start a process of adding new attributes and then display those attributes. I would then add new attribute(s), and then clicking again on the ‘Add Display Attributes’ button to get that dialog to go and be replaced by the ‘Some of these attributes don’t exist. Would you like to create them?’ dialog, which is when the situation you see occurs. I have now found that if I click away, anywhere elsewhere on the Tinderbox window, it displays as I was expecting, replacing the first dialog with the 'Some of these attributes don’t exist …" as required. - Malcolm

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Ah, I see, and I can now create the issue. As you’ve now found, clicking anywhere outside the pop-over(s) except on the ‘Add displayed Attributes’ button dismisses the pop-over.

If you click the latter, Tinderbox does the right thing: it detects you are closing the Add pop-over and there are undefined attribute(s) listed and, because you’ve also clicked the Add button it opens a new add attributes pop-over which blocks the first one. Not what anyone intended, but if we don’t already know, how would we know that clicking the Add button when the pop-over is open dismisses and reopens it.

I’m sure this will get addressed, but in the meantime, try to only use the ‘Add’ button to open the pop-over; to close it click anywhere else outside the pop-over.