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Adding new color schemes


I’ll confess it took me a long time to discover color schemes (it’s just a Cmd+8 away!), and now I can’t get enough of them!

Is there somewhere a collection of more color schemes? (or if not, should we make one? :slightly_smiling_face:)


There have been colour schemes in the past but I’ve not seen any new files and the old ones will miss some settings needed I the era of OS dark/light mode. To make your own, either customise your current set-up and export it from the Colors Inspector as a TBC file.

Or if you prefer to work from coding a TBC file, where is the code of the “Tinderbox 7” colour scheme:

<colors version="1" >
    <description>The traditional Tinderbox 7 color scheme.</description>
    <color name="normal" />
    <color name="black"    color="#000000"/>
    <color name="white"    color="#FFFFFF"/>
    <color name="poppy" color="HSV(40,60,100)"/>
    <color name="blue"    color="#003366"/>
    <color name="bright blue"    color="#0000FF"/>
    <color name="cyan"    color="#006666"/>
    <color name="green"    color="#009900"/>
    <color name="bright green"    color="#00FF00"/>
    <color name="magenta"    color="#660066"/>
    <color name="red"     color="#990000"/>
    <color name="bright red"     color="#FF0000"/>
    <color name="orange"     color="#FF8800"/>
    <color name="yellow"     color="#CCCC00"/>
    <color name="violet"     color="#330099"/>
    <color name="warm gray"                color="#787060"/>
    <color name="warm gray dark"        color="#605850"/>
    <color name="cool gray"                color="#607080"/>
    <color name="cool gray dark"        color="#505860"/>
    <color name="0"        color="HSV(30, 2, 48)"/>
    <color name="1"        color="HSV(30, 2, 63)"/>
    <color name="2"        color="HSV(30, 2, 72)"/>
    <color name="3"        color="HSV(30, 2, 78)"/>
    <color name="4"        color="HSV(30, 2, 83)"/>
    <color name="5"        color="HSV(30, 2, 87)"/>
    <color name="6"        color="HSV(30, 2, 90)"/>
    <color name="7"        color="HSV(30, 2, 93)"/>
    <color name="8"        color="HSV(30, 2, 95.6)"/>
    <color name="9"        color="HSV(30, 2, 98)"/>
    <textsizenew >16</textsizenew >
    <maplinkcolor class="all">black</maplinkcolor>

    <default attribute="MapBackgroundFill"></default>
    <default attribute="PlotColor">light green</default>
    <default attribute="BorderBevel">automatic</default>
    <default attribute="Border">2</default>
    <default attribute="Color">warm gray dark</default>
    <default attribute="Shadow">true</default>
    <default attribute="ShadowColor">lighter black</default>
    <default attribute="ShadowBlur">5</default>"

The name you see in the colour scheme listing in Doc Settings is the filename (without its extension) in case-sensitive form. Current convention is that custom colour scheme TBCs live in their own folders—named as for the colour scheme_ in the ‘color schemes’ folder of Tinderbox’s app support folder (which can be opened in Finder from the app’s Help menu).

Good luck with your colour schemes. :slight_smile:

Note that you can now save your document’s color scheme from the action menu in Inspector ▸ Document ▸ Colors.

Drag the saved .tbc file to other documents, or put it in there Color Schemes folder in the Tinderbox support folder to add it to the Document Settings list.

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Thanks, will try this out!