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Adornment on Which Note Sits

Hi all!

I am trying to built a small exhibition with Tinderbox which works out quite fine. I have an adornment with a picture of the museum’s plan where the exhibition will take place next year. On top of this I have placed the sections within the exhib as adornments and filled them with notes of what will be on display. Now I want to export these notes to see what we have to lend from archives and museums or have to buy ourselves.
It would be perfect if I could somehow add to each note the info on which adornments it sits to export some context of the section where it will be placed. I think I have once added the information about the adornments as an attribute to notes but I can’t remember how…


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Use the adornment designator. Note that this particular designator works only in the context of the adornment’s $OnAdd - i.e. you can’t use it the rule or edict of a note on the adornment.

If you do go this route, to fire the $OnAdd in the adornment you’ll need to move any notes off and back on again.

Thanks! Will have to move about 60 notes/display objects around a bit - but that looks like a super safe and simple solution.