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Adornments in Agents

I’ve created an agent to collect all tasks. In the agent I’ve created Adornments with queries to find tasks with a particular context (I’ve created $Context attribute). However, the tasks do not move to the Adornment.

Am I right in thinking that Adornment queries do not work in Agents on Aliases in the Agent?

By default, agent (re-organize) their map layout every cycle as, if the user is working on data, the agent query matches may change. If you want to have control over where things go on (an active) agent map, check out $CleanupAction.

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Agents typically arrange their aliases, and (as it happens) the agent’s cleanup takes precedence over the work of the smart adornment.

You can set the agent’s $CleanupAction to “none” or “” instead of the default value of “grid” to allow your smart adornments to handle the position of the agent’s aliases.

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