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Agent query in map view - automatic cleanup to row and column

Is it possible to automatically cleanup an agent’s results in map view? According to this - http://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref8/index/Windows/DocumentWindow/Viewpane/Mapview/Re-arrangeableAgentMaps.html - we can set the agent container with a $CleanupAction to “grid” (the default automatic cleanup) or “none” (no cleanup and possibility for the user to freely drag the aliases returned by the agent).

An automatic cleanup to “row” or “column” would be great, as counterpart to the manual cleanup (right click on the map, cleanup, and the selecting the “method”.

In 8.6.2, you’re limited to “grid” or “box’.

The next release will add support for “row” and “column” as well.

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Great, thanks!