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Agent search response

My Tbx file now contains ~200 notes (each having $Text of ~100 words). I’ve created 12 agents, each one a $Text.icontains query looking for a specific word or phrase, e.g.
$Text.icontains(“basic research”|“basic and”)
Using the above two agents as an example, if a particular note’s text contains both “basic research” and “reliant”, an alias of that note should appear in both agents, correct?

Thank you in advance for any responses.

Turn the question around, since you have the data in this case. Does this work for you?

You might want to try


and so forth. icontains() takes a regular expression and the repetitive internal quotes might be causing misses.

Anyway, a small test of my own, using the agent queries formulated the way I suggest, successfully proves your hypothesis.

Paul Walters is correct. You want either


or, if you prefer

$Text.icontains("dependent")  | $Text.icontains("reliant")

Paul, Mark - got it. thanks very much for your help. -Tim