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Agent Tutorial: School Stories

A new Tinderboxer writes:

I am following along with the tutorial offered under “Help.” Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to make my tinderbox file match the PDF’s despite following instructions so I was hoping you could help me identify where I was going wrong.

At this point, I’ve followed the instructions and I have one container called “School Stories” in addition to an agent created called “Only Stories” with the query "Prototype=="Story" . Second, I created a new agent to locate stories with female protagonists and bold them using the query: inside("/Only Stories") & $ProtagonistGender=="female" . The result is that my new agent titled “female protagonists” has the list of female protagonists bolded as intended. The “Only Stories” agent also has the female protagonist stories bolded. This all made sense to me until the PDF instructions said that the female protagonists stories should also be bolded under the “School Stories” container when expanding the list once more. None of the female protagonists are bolded there. I would assume that’s simply because the query for bolding female protagonists specified inside("/Only Stories") but the PDF tutorial says that the female protagonists stories should be bolded under School Stories: “Collapse the agent for a moment and expand School Stories. Notice that stories with female protagonists are displayed in bold type, while other notes are not.” Can you please help me troubleshoot what I am doing wrong?

I’m a bit close to the tutorial, and also literally snowed in: for reasons unknown, my sure-footed little Fit has been immobilized in ice for days on end. Posting here in hope an answer can be found more quickly that I can find it!