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Agents: Difference between Outline and Map View - issues

Testing out Agents and Profiles: Use the internal Prototype - People.
Set up Agent ($Profile=“People”, with Sort Alphabetical on Last Word.
Enter Four “People”

In Outline View: Agent: Container correctly displays the “People”

In Map View: Link Create Links (To people to a manager and a manager to another manager) - ie. as in a hierarchy.

Issue: In the Map View the redrawing of the map to show the hierarchy does not stay - it reverts to some other layout (see below), which does not seem consistent with either the re-drawn hierarchy or the alphabetical list of the Outline view.

Would be good if one could have the hierarchy not automatically rearrange itself.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a feature of Agents in Map View?

I had a problem recently with notes within agents moving in map view but solved it by changing the agent’s CleanupAction attribute. What is the value of the CleanupAction attribute for your agent? If it is ‘grid’ then this may be the cause of the problem.

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When the agent refreshes, by default it updates the map layout. You likely want to change the container’s $CleanupAction. See Re-arrangeable Agent Maps.

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Claire, great, thanks. Sorted.

Thanks, that sorted my prob.

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