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Agent's query - error?

Revision: Well, I had to reboot the mac due to a system utility install. Now the agent below works correctly. So the moderator can remove this post or keep it as a universal reminder to others that when things seem to go sideways, try a reboot.

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My database (v 7) includes a prototype “pTicker” and for notes of this type I use a user defined attribute “Ticker” (ex: GE). I use Subtitle for the company name (ex. General Electric).

To be sure I don’t forget to add the Subtitle when creating a pTicker thought, I have defined an agent whose query is:
$Subtitle=="" & $Prototype==“pTicker”

I’ve checked all pTicker notes and each one has Subtitle defined. But the agent still lists a bunch of them (but not all existing pTicker notes). If I look at each entry in the agent list, they all do include text for the Subtitle and are each a pTicker. I know from past experience that agent queries are easy for me to get wrong (usually syntax or misunderstanding an expression). But I can’t see the error in this one. Is it obvious to anyone?


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