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Airtable CSV to TBX and

I would like to bring over a CSV file created in Airtable, map the columns to attributes and finally concatenate some of these now filled string attributes in $text while separating them with line breaks.

Do I rather use a stamp or a prototype engaging a template?

Recent releases of Tinderbox do not parse CSV reliably, from most source that I use (including Airtable and TapForms), and personally I’ve stopped trying to import using this method. Other people of course will have different experiences.

I find it is better to pass the CSV through Excel or Numbers, copy that data, and paste it to Tinderbox. This gets good results, Tinderbox can create attributes (from table headers) that are not already present in the document, and import the data.

For concatenation, I find a stamp pretty simple to do:

$Text = $Text + "\n\n" + $Attribute_1 + "\n\n" ...

Thank you @PaulWalters! That really helps.

And you’re right: CSV import can be tricky from time to time. So I’ll follow your suggestion in this respect as well.

If anyone happens to run into a CSV table that doesn’t parse as you’d expect, try this:

  • identify exactly which line (or lines) are causing trouble
  • send them here (info@eastgate.com), which a brief explanation of the discrepancy